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Ayurveda at its best

Experience something very new!

Shirodhara  $110 

For a deep feeling of relaxation and ease. The balancing Marma massage for the face get's you into a sleepy mode. Now warm oil is poured on the forehead. The "third eye" is stimulated to rest.It's the point for clarity.

Great for you if you battle headaches, sinusitis or can't let go of the daily challenges and stress.

INFO! your hair is saturated with the precious ayurvedic herbal oils which are super hydrating for your hair. So please bring comfy cloth.

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Ayurvedic Massage  $90 

Warm herbal ayurvedic oils are used in this very special massage which includes a hypnotic Marma face massage. Get ready to "walk on air".

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Adagio goes Indian - Ayurvedic Style  $290

We start applying the Udvartan, a warming ayurvedic body Peeling with a silk glove on the moist skin. Wash it off and relax into the ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage. Have a cup of ayurvedic tea before the Kings Dosha warm forehead treatment. I pour warm herbal oil on the "third eye"over your forehead. Incl. the hypnotic Marma face massage.Feel like a newborn!

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