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Body Wraps/Relax in Stillness


Seaweed- De Stress!  $158 

Power from the Ocean. Seaweed is full of nutrients. At the same time cleansing and hydrating. Take a break dreaming in stillness in the wrap. The Vita Cura™ Triple Firming Body Creme is applied in Swedish Massage Style.

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Peppermint Sea Twist®  $180 

Anti Cellulite, Anti Muscle Ache. Wonderful for all long distance travelers or people standing a lot!
Toning and firming. With fresh peppermint. During the wrap we perform a gentle lymph stimulating face massage
Upgrade to a strong massage for $30

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Honey Almond Body Mask- the sweet package  $158 

Extremely hydrating and cleansing for the skin. Hmmm..

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Wraps = deep relaxation

We provide robes and disposable underwear.