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Classes for Lovers and Friends ~ NEW! online as well


  • "Beauty Spot"  ~ study with us for your Repechage "facial at home". 1x per month evening classes by request only. $280 for two hours incl. kit to take home


  • "Language of Love"   ~ the great couples relationship fitness massage class either one on one $370 for three hours incl. manual, gift bag. As a group class of two couples who are friends and not shy to share. Each couple $200



Meet & Greet with Regina at the "Dump your knots and dump at Dumpster Day Saturday June 20th 2020 from 9am to 11am. Bring your stuff and line up for a massage $1/min. All proceeds go to the Upper Fells Point Association.

Check the date due to Covid 19 it might need to be rain checked!

Check out their website with ALL upcoming great events!


  • Spa Adagio Last minute offers please call by noon Tuesday thru Saturday's

Lauren from St.Petersburg/Florida wrote on Spa Lounge Yelp following review: say that we loved our time being trained by Regina is a serious understatement. My husband and I were greeted with snacks and drinks when we entered and the most beautiful smile. Regina was great at asking the specific things we wanted to learn in our session with her.  we both got an hour learning to massage the other and she wanted to tailor her teaching to our specific desires and needs. Now, my husband and I have had couples massages (where we are next to each other) and individual massages before, but I honestly cannot put into words how wonderful it was to feel like I was getting a professional massage... from my husband. And to also know that I was learning how to massage him in ways that applies enough pressure safely (and I say that because she taught me how to do thai massage on his lower back).  it was truly a beautiful bonding experience between us and something we can continue to use!! We actually plan on buying a massage table now and going back in a few months to learn more from Regina!! Go see this woman immediately!!!!!! If you implement what she teaches you, I guarentee it can change your life :) 

For all questions call me; email me;

phone (410)558-1185



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