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Spa Facials

Facials... for a clean, fresh and healthy skin! *ad a 20min. massage for $28

Deluxe 4 Layer Facial  $110  * Award Winner!

our premier facial rated by the Cosmopolitan Magazine as the "THE best facial of the Century". Layer upon layer of pure and fresh seaweed rejuvenates, tones and helps firm your skin dramatically.  Seaweed filtrate, three different massages, two masks gives you an impressive healthy looking skin. Incl. lip and eye care treatment

September special with Seaweed travel spray. Value $14

Book: (410) 558-1185 or bmoreadagio@gmail.comtl_files/SPA-Anwendungen/full-line.gif

Vita Cura 5 Facial  $120  *

"Botox without the knife"' how Lydia Sarfati calls the treatment she developed. It firms the skin and you see the results right away. Excellent for all who want to rejuvenate their skin for a healthy and fresh look. Includes the enzym peel, no steam! Incl. lip and eye care treatment

Book: (410) 558-1185 or 


PURE Purifying Facial  $98 *

deep pore cleansing for the oily and easily clogged skin. Leaves your skin clean and fresh! Ad Light Therapy $25

Book: (410) 558-1185 or bmoreadagio@gmail.comtl_files/SPA-Anwendungen/full-line.gif

RED out Facial  $98 *

for the super sensitive skin. 

Book: (410) 558-1185 or


Cloud 9- Bliss Facial from $78 

No Brainer Facial! Refreshes your skin in an instant.

Book: (410) 558-1185 or


Hydra Dew Facial  from $88 
~ Your skin feels dehydrated? ~

100%- hydration and protection in one.

Book: (410) 558-1185 or


Biolight Facial   $135
~ Your skin shows dark spots, hyperpigmentation? ~

Incl. lip and eye care treatment.

Book: (410) 558-1185 or



Hydra Medic  $110
~ You have acneic skin? ~

This is the solution for even the worst acne. Instant relief! Recommended: 8 for a BEST PRICE $750

Add Light Therapy for $25

Book: (410) 558-1185 or


  Enhancements for even more results:

FYEO -   $35

The eye and lip areas are the first to show signs of aging. Both the lips and eyes are delicate and are prone to dryness, habitual movement and environmental aggressors causing fine lines and wrinkles. Moisturize and nourish the delicate area with this outstanding treatment protocol.

Book: (410) 558-1185 oder


Anti Stress Hot Back-Pack  $25

Relax into this bublly warming seaweed treatment for your back and/or feet. Great as add on to all services or stand alone treat.Hmmmm

Book: (410) 558-1185 or


Eyelashes & Brow Tinting ea.  $18

Eyebrow plucking $12

(410) 558-1185 or get it 50% off with the Deluxe Facials