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Become a happy spa goer

Spa Guest Pass - you are always a winner
available at the Fells Point location


Summer in the City 2016

Four massages each 60min. every other week = 4x $80 = $320*

Six massages ea. 60min. over six month =6x $75 = $450**


* Value of $360

**Value of $540



Spa Gift Certificates

you can order them per email, pick them up or let us send them out to you or to the receiver 


  1. your full name    
  2. name and address of the receiver    
  3. your address, email and phone number




In case of shipping we charge $6 for s&h

If you order products we ship by weight. For handeling we charge $6


We need

Your full name and address as well as your phone number

Pay per credit card or check in advance.