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All I can say is "go".  The most amazing spa experience.  Regina and Denise could not have made this a better experience.  I took my boyfriend for the Romance package and it was his first massage experience and his birthday.    The massages were amazing and the personal service was beyond reproach.  Will definitely go back and I would 100 percent recommend it to anyone looking for a relaxing and personalized massage experience.


im A. from Clinton

Regina's sessions are simply the best I've ever had and here's why: Years ago, my doctor told me that I would have to live with my work-related joint pain, and limited range of motion. For years my only relief would be from analgesics. My wife had been to Spa Adagio, and recommended Regina highly, so I booked a massage. While relaxing and invigorating, massages had never really helped long-term with my joint pain, so I had no expectations that this session would be any different. Regina got the usual pre-massage history, and I mentioned my ongoing pain and limited ROM. Once she started working on me, it was like she could look through my skin and see the pain source. Her tissue work was great, but she also focused on my shoulders, back, hips and knees. Not in a chiropractic way, but in a joint massage, twist-me-in-a-pretzel way. Pain relief! After about four sessions I was essentially pain free for about three weeks at a time. I could get up from a chair without making old-man sounds. And my range of motion improved dramatically. If you want a world class massage, book with Regina, (I recommend ninety minutes). And if you have some issues with your hips or knees give her a call.


She has magic powers.



Amazing experience! Went for the romance package for my anniversary and it did not disappoint. 3 hours of unwinding and relaxation. Regina and her team did a phenomenal job making our day special.


By far the one of the best, if not THE best spa experience I've ever had. Newly relocated from San Francisco to Baltimore finding this spa is gold. Regina is professional, warm and gave me the most amazing massage, facial and foot massage ("spa candy") ever. The massage was rhythmic, smooth, perfect amount of pressure, just a dream. Aside from the outstanding treatment the spa itself is beautiful and felt like being in a beautiful, relaxing home in Europe.



"Amazing customer service. My boyfriend and I went and experienced the romance package. From beginning to end it was an extremely relaxing and enjoyable experience. We can't wait to go back and do the same or try another package. The massage I got was wonderful and the facial left my face feeling soft for days. I highly recommend this hidden gem in fells point"!